MuniPayMe is committed to small businesses, entrepreneurs, minority and women owned businesses servicing state and local governments and agencies. Often, vendors to government entities and agencies experience relatively long waits between providing their services and the receipt of payment. For small businesses it is difficult to carry open invoices for such periods of time and small business owners find themselves having to make a difficult decision between floating the cash until payment from the government is received or not taking on a project at all.

MuniPayMe was founded to create a platform where vendors to municipal entities - state or local governments and their agencies - can find working capital to meet their cash flow needs. Our platform allows vendors to take control over their cash-flow by allowing them to select specific invoices for funding, and monitor outstanding invoices along with status of payments. In this way vendors of Munis enrolled in its program can get cash upfront for all their approved invoices while MuniPayMe waits to collect from the Muni.

MuniPayMe is an affiliate of Coral Capital, a commercial finance company, that has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in financing against receivables to small and lower middle market businesses across the country since its founding in 2008.