How it Works


  • Registration is free and will allow you to participate in the program and request funding for your approved invoices. You can Register Here.
  • Once you have registered with us, we will contact you to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have.
  • Once you sign the Vendor Participation document, we will send it to the State.
  • The State will acknowledge your Participation in the Program through MuniPayMe.
  • From then on, the State will send us your approved Qualified Account Receivables from time to time.

Getting Funded

  • The state agencies that you provided services or sold goods approve your invoices and send them to MuniPayMe.
  • You can log into your account every day or whenever you want to cash invoices.
  • When you select Accounts Receivable to cash, you assign those to MuniPayMe and the state will send us an acknowledgment of the assignment.
  • MuniPayMe will pay 100% of your paid Accounts Receivable by electronic transfers to the bank account of your choice as follows:
    • Advance of 90% of the face amount of the invoice within 10 days from the State acknowledgment of the Accounts Receivable.
    • The balance 10% less any charge backs and fees will be sent to your bank account promptly after the State pays us.
    • We will remit the balance left (the Prompt Payment fees) promptly when the state pays it.

Manage your Accounts Receivable

  • Be in control of your cash flow - select which Accounts Receivable you want to cash
  • Monitor payments from the state with a private login to your account
  • Monitor your balances as often as you want from the privacy of your computer