Q. Am I eligible to participate?
A. A vendor may apply to participate in the program if it is owed an account receivable for which prompt payment penalties have commenced accruing under the Prompt Payment Act.

Q. Are there any exceptions to participation?
A. Accounts receivable for payments under a medical assistance program or any other specific prohibition on assignment can't be funded through this Vendor Payment Program.

Q. When can I assign invoices to MuniPayMe?
A. The State Agency will approve your Accounts Receivable (invoices) for payment and when they are outstanding, due and payable for 60 days or more they are eligible for this program.

Q. How do I know that the State Agency verified my Accounts Receivable?
A. If you're a registered Vendor with MuniPayMe, you will see all of your verified Accounts Receivable when you log into your account.

Q. How do I assign the verified Accounts Receivable?
A. You log into your account with MuniPayMe and select from the list of verified invoices. You confirm that you want to assign the selected invoices by selecting [I Agree] to the "Assignment Agreement".

Q. How often can I assign Accounts Receivables to MuniPayMe?
A. As often as you choose. Whenever you have available verified Accounts Receivables on the list you may select them for assignment.

Q. How long will it take to get the cash for the Accounts Receivable that I assign to MuniPayMe?
A. We will send your assignment notice to the State on your behalf. Once the State acknowledges that they received your assignment, they will notify MuniPayMe and we will send you the funds within 10 days.

Q. Can I assign account receivable to more than one Qualified Purchaser?
A. Vendors to the State of Illinois can register with only one Qualified Purchaser.